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Hello... Welcome to my err... Blog... ^^''

Mountains out of Molehills Icon_porc Things about me:

- Lazy, Messy at times.
- Shy, not very social-wise.
- I treat my family & friends differently from people I'm not family/friends with x(
- A somewhat genius but a blur-diot at the same time xD
- I like cute things
- Just another nerd... (Sigh)
- I like to draw and write (so you'll hear about ramblings/see my art here)

...And to thank you for reading my cra stuff, here, a token of appreciation:

Mountains out of Molehills 2py2e08

Well. It's small and scribbly and not much effort was put into it but... It's the thought that counts and it's *animated* right? Cute blinking puppeh! :3

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Post on Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:31 am by zecha

Yay! First entry!
Hmm... Well.

Next wednsday is my friend's birthday... Her parents and siblings are busy at work and with exams, so that day, she's celebrating her birthday alone, with her maid... Well, the reason why she told me this is probably because she was hinting to me but I know I can't make it as I have CCA that day x(

I haven't got a present yet. OH GAWSH.

Speaking of CCA, I'm in the InnofoComm Club. But I don't have any friends there... YET. >.<'' So anyway, I learnt a few life long skills that day... How to set up and connect your DVD player to your TV! It's actually quite easy once you've got the basics (Although I don't "get" everything xD). I have to set the TV up and play a DVD that the club made to show our works (photographs)... It's a gigantic TV and the leader told me to come early but how "early" must I be to push the BIG TV from a room to the canteen... And where do we plug it O.o'' UH OH.

I'M DOOMED! Oh dear dear dear! I should have thought of this before!! Nevermind... I'll just ask the senior that's accompaning me. Yes. Early in the morning... WHAT IF SHE COMES LATE? OMGOSH! GAH.

Sigh... RELAX RELAX... >.<''

Well. I guess I'll find out on Wednsday! Sad


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Post on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:41 pm by zecha

It's a holiday today ^^ because it's National Day for my country... Yay... xP

Mountains out of Molehills Star3 I hand-made a seal plush thingy for my friend. My sis thought it looked like a whale TT^TT... So if any of your parents/siblings/friends' B' days are coming up, you can make one of these thingies with felt, needle & thread, some stuffing and some knowledge about sewing. USES: Use it to wipe computer screens/handphone screens, wrist rest when you're using a mouse,"stress ball", pin cusion/voodoo doll xD, etc.


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Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:12 am by zecha

Sometimes I feel that it's my fault when it isn't... But I was part of it... x( Letting others copy your homework ain't the smartest thing to do but they'll beg and all that. But I could've said no.

Well... Me and her were in trouble about some IT homework you know how easy it is to copy files right? I never copy anything from anyone (very seldom anyways if I'm desperate which is once in a blue moon)... So she got in trouble and had to spill the beans. she cried because she was guilty and such =_='' It made me feel that it was also my fault.

It was, for letting her copy but... *Sigh* People will think you're really silly and that "it's just homework"... The teacher was really strict I guess... Or maybe it was even part of our tests... >.<

And after that, her friends start to say that it was my fault. It was. But... Well... It was also her's... Right? Maybe they just wanted to cheer her up or something. I told her that,"At least you're honest right?" And I made sure none of my friends spread rumors about her, especially 'B' who liked to "spread the joy".

Well. From now onwards, I, "J" will never ever ever (maybe very seldom) let anybody copy my work.

TT^TT... What a cra[s]pp[/s]bby day!


*I needa hug* Mountains out of Molehills Icon_cry One way or another it's my fault... Somehow..

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