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Popzie's Daily Chatterings. Empty Popzie's Daily Chatterings.

Welcome to my Daily chatterings.

Posts filled with nonsense and happens of my daily life, it will probably bore you to tears, but I'm going to tell you about my days anyway. Feel free to comment etc. And tell me your opinions on things I say or do. Etc. Blah blah blah. Whatever.

Things you may want to know?
- I'm 16.
- I'm a female.
- I'm Irish, but I live in France.
- I moved to France last summer.
- Yes, I speak french.
- I have a life long illness called Cystic Fibrosis.
Anything else you might wanna know, ask. Smile

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Popzie's Daily Chatterings. :: Comments


Post on Fri May 21, 2010 12:12 pm by Popzie

My day was fairly good. History class went pretty fast, got no homework! There were CHIPS in the school canteen! YES! Maths wasn't too bad but we've moved on to Trig, and I hate that. Got off school two hours earlier than normal. I used those two hours and more to start strimming down the weeds in the garden, got blisters all over my hands now and the job still isn't finished. It was roasting all day, still is. In the high 20s (celcius). I found out that it was the horrible land stealing neighbours that reported our dog to the police as "troublesome". That's rich coming from them. My sister's off to her friends house for the night. I might be getting Pizza later! Very Happy I'll probably watch a movie too.

Over all I'd a pretty good day.

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Post on Sun May 23, 2010 7:56 am by Popzie

Saturday 22nd of May, 2010

Well before I tell you about this morning, I'll tell you about yesterday. Yesterday was good fun! I slept in. Woke up at about 9,40. I went on the computer for a bit, because it was too hot to go outside. I tried out the black spray dye on my hair. It looked awful! It look like muck had dryed, dried (sp?) into my hair! I washed it out instantly. After lunch my sister and I went outside with the neighbours, we got the watering can and wet the trampoline and bounced. It was funny because when ever someone fell they'd be soaked, and of course we ended up trying to wet each other. Then the neighbours had to go. We ate dinner. I went on the computer a little more, msn, facebook, chicken smoothie, fiction adopts, twitter, the usual sites. I wrote a little more on my story, though I'm getting lazy and should really try and finish this chapter this weekend. My sister came up and suggested we played monopoly. We looked at our board games and instead we decided to play "Doodle Pix" with my mam. It was great fun! We should do it more often! Then at about 11 or so I went to bed.

Sunday 23rd of May, 2010

Well today I woke up later than yesterday. I had breakfast and my mam took me to practice driving. All shopping centers close here on a Sunday, so we practiced in one of the carparks. I wasn't too bad at it, well, after I got the car moving. XD. Who knew driving was so complicated! You've to think of so many things with your feet! Really! It's a lot harder than it looks! I need to practice turning right more. I'm not too bad at turning left, but I never straighten out fast enough when I turn right XD. Well after about an hour, my mam drove home, and we ate. That's really about it.

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Post on Sun May 23, 2010 2:43 pm by Popzie

Sunday, 23rd of May, 2010

A while after that post, we went out to some friends and lazed about in the garden talking. For a few hours. Then we went home. Got some pizza and watched the most confusing movie I've ever seen. "Michael Clayton". If anyone could explain it to me, I'd appriciate it! Popzie's Daily Chatterings. Icon_razz

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Post on Mon May 24, 2010 7:42 am by Popzie

Monday, 24th of May, 2010

I'm going into hospital later today. Sad Not happy about it. I haven't packed anything for the stay.
My boyfriend texted me from Ireland telling me he's been fainting and the doctors say he has low blood pressure. I'm pretty worried. He's been saying he feels dizzy for a few days now. I hope nothing happens.
It's way too hot. I'm loney and worried. I really wish life would go right for once.

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Post on Wed May 26, 2010 6:16 pm by MiniHorse

o3o Smokey Nightmare, you, and me are all 16 xD

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